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Welcome conditions

To ensure an optimum stay for your cat or dog in our pension.

Does my animal need vaccinations to be accepted at the kennels?

Yes. For your pets health the cats & dogs which arrive at our kennels need to be up to date with vaccinations. The vaccination card must be presented at arrival.

Which vaccinations are necessary for a stay at the kennels?
  • cats; Typhus+ coryza + feline leukemia+ rabies

  • dogs; vaccination CHPPi (distemper ,hepatitis, parvovirus, Para influenza or 'kennel cough', leptospirosis, rabies. For total protection against kennel cough, the vaccination NOBIVAC KC or the vaccination PNEUMODOG are an obligation.

Must my pet be treated against parasites?

It's strongly advised to treat your pet before their stay in the pension. The kennels reserve the right to refuse entry to a sick animal or with parasites.

What other information must I supply to the kennels before my pets stay?

You must warn us of any eventual health problems, veterinary treatment or character problems. Any treatment must be accompanied with a prescription, and administered treatment will be charged as a supplement.



Can I bring my animals personal belongings?

The sleeping cover is not provided by the kennels. You must bring a basket or something with a familiar smell. The pension will not be held responsible for any eventual deterioration caused by the animal.



What are the kennels commitments towards my dog or my cat?

Cayron Kennels and staff are committed to give the best conditions for the stay, comfort & cleanliness, healthy and balanced diet, & especially the maximum of affection and caress. We are committed to take all the dispositions necessary for the health of your animal. All expenses incurred are at the charge of the owner.

How can I reserve the pension for my dog or my cat?

Go to contact of the website! It is strongly recommended to reserve in advance especially during school holidays

(!!! In France they are generally different than in UK!!!). A deposit will be asked for the busy holiday periods.

All days started are charged, except the departure day if your pet departs in the morning between 8 and 9 am.

During closed days no departures or arrivals are possible.