depuis 1963

depuis 1963

Pension pour chien

Pension pour chien

An ideal infrastructure for your dog in Roquebrune-Sur-Argens

since 1963

Kennel for Dog

What are the guard infrastructures of your dog?

The pension for dogs is divided into 3 parts:
an outdoor walking park, heated rooms for small dogs

and large fully covered boxes for medium and large dogs

The kennels are adapted for keeping small dogs from Chihuahua to Cocker.

We have two rooms with 17 boxes for them.

The first room contains 7 individual boxes with camps beds:

the dogs own blanket must be provided.

The second room contains 10 individual boxes with camp beds.


The boxes in this room can be communicating to welcome several dogs of the same owner.

Both rooms are heated during the winter.

Small Dogs

Le personnel de la pension

Our kennels are adapted for keeping large (St. Bernard) and medium sized dogs (Labrador, German shepherd).

A total of 29 individual boxes of all types and sizes.

There are large individual boxes, or very large boxes to welcome several dogs from the same owner. The dogs can see each other between the different boxes.


We also have a row of individual isolated boxes for very dominant or fighting dogs.

Big Dogs

Walks in the park or in the forest

All the dogs are let out freely in the enclosed park twice daily, individually, or in groups depending on their character.


They 'do what they need to do' and play .

The return back to their box is always compensated with a treat.


Outside walks on the lead are available.

Should we bring their food?

The food is provided we give them Royal Canin croquettes and if you wish you can bring them theirs so as not to change it if they have a particular diet.

All of the boxes are cleaned daily and disinfected after each departure.

We give as often as possible the affection and caress needed during their stay with us.

In our establishment all the animals listen to music.

We offer several services :

  • An extra walk in the forest on lead.

  • To fetch or return your pet to your home.

  • Administer veterinary treatments.

  • To take your pet to the 'toilettage' at the end of the stay( at pet owners charge)

  • To feed your pet if he has special alimentation requirements or diet.